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Owl mountain chief flirts with future employees

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Station growth and labor shortage do not mix. About thirty jobs were to be filled. Unheard of at a ski resort. Management played a recruitment and incentive campaign to fill this gap. Sales and Marketing Director Catherine Scott revealed that every candidate who got an interview was offered a lift ticket as well as a pair of ski passes in addition to being eligible for a $750 draw. The interview took place in the ski lift.

We are developing and expanding our activities, so it is certain that our need for manpower is constant and increasing from year to year. We need more and more people.

Quote from:Judith Rochefort, Human Resources Advisor to the President of Mount Owl

About thirty people showed up this weekend. If the candidate meets the requirements, the recruitment will take place immediately. Such is the case of 15-year-old Laura Dube, who walked out of a hiring drive as a ski coach. I found it more personal than sending an email Captured the teenager.

Owl’s Head Director of Sales and Marketing, Catherine Scott, as well as Human Resources Consultant, Judith Rochefort.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

Additional Challenges

Close to the US border, the mountain is far from the major centers. So the housing is less numerous. Our biggest challenge is distance. A third of our employees travel about fifty kilometers to get to work Mrs. Scott explained.

We are also looking at short, medium and long term housing scenarios. It’s on the drawing board now

Quote from:Judith Rochefort, Human Resources Advisor to the President of Mount Owl

The director of sales and marketing says the station will have to adapt and be agile in its operations.

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With information from Philip Grenier

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