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Paid playback support for Fossilarium has dropped sharply

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The amount of money awarded to the science museum rose from about $55,000 to $36,000 last year.

Within three years, the museum was recognized by Quebec You will no longer receive an employment grant from the Ministryexplains museum director Andre Nolte.

decision regrets.

We think it’s unfair and therefore it’s unfair to the rural areas, which have the right to have science museums around. »

Quote from Andre Nolte

Quebec states that the Fossilarium does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Operational Assistance Program for Museum Institutions.

This includes the number of weeks the museum must remain open annually as well as the nature of the collection that must be part of the heritage.

why? Because we were told we didn’t open 40 weeks a year. Obviously we were very surprised because we know that there are a lot of historical museums around us which are not open year round and open seasonally. So we thought we could fall into that category. But no, because our group is not recognized or recognized as heritage. So we’re a bit stuck at the end. At the end of the three years, there will be no more operational grantsSorry, Andre Nolte.

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The latter specifies that other museums with a scientific profession receive subsidies and hopes that the Fossilarium will deserve the same treatment.

Andre Nolte adds that if the museum no longer has support, his entire collection is up for sale.

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What we will miss is that the collection will likely be given away or sold to private collectors. We have unique fossils representing Témiscamingue, proving the existence of a tropical sea covering a large part of Quebec. So on a scientific level, it would be a loss as well. This is clearly a loss for young people, because fossils are a topic that attracts children. So from this we can talk to them about science. So it is important in the region. We want to have young people interested in sciencesays the director.

In an email, the Ministry of Culture confirms that Fossilarium has recently received financial assistance under another aid program for museums.

promise to continue To support Fossilarium by accompanying her to help her become eligible for the program again.

And to add that The organization will also meet soon to discuss the situation.

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