Party animals in Les Galets de Pont-Rouge annoy the locals

The municipal administration did not discover this phenomenon, which is repeated year after year.

What surprised her this time was the scale of the problem.

Last summer we noticed that traffic seemed to be more important. This winter too. The site is becoming more and more popular, says Audrey Saint-Pierre, Director of City Communications, who adds Take Marcotte Street residents seriously and think about what we can do.

Mayor confirms:

We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again, or less and less.

Quote from:Ghislain Langlais, Mayor of Pont-Rouge

The mayor of Pont Rouge, Ghislaine Langley, took note of the petition submitted by his elector last Thursday.

Photo: Radio Canada/Cassandra Nadeau Lamarche

But the elected official already knows that his field of work will be limited, since the Derry site does not belong to City Hall. It is owned by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

At the time of writing, he had not responded to our requests.

Marcote Street residents say that every day they hear loud music, loud screams, the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks, as well as the screeching of motocross tires.

In the early years, the situation was calm. The area was less well known. Especially in this summer, the weather is very intense. I feel like I have 2 over a nightclubFrançois-Yves Clavaux trusts.

It has been seven years since he took up residence on Marcote Street.

In addition to disturbing noises, distressed people deal with their fears. Seeing so many people in a procession near their homes in these times of pandemic is not reassuring. Nothing more than to note that wildfires sometimes burn in this wooded area.

Not to mention the backlog and accumulated waste. One side regrets Jean-René Bouchard, another who lives on Rue Marcote.

We regret to see that such a beautiful site, accessible to all, has been ransacked. Minimal moderation is required to protect this unique site, He says.

Police surveillance site

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is aware of what is happening. She assures us that she is watching the grain.

Police officers are aware of the situation, confirms Sgt. Louis-Philippe Bebeau, of the SQ Communications Service.

Regularly, patrols are organized to make site occupants aware of the danger of drowning near the falls and to maintain public order.

In 2020, we have intervened 25 times on site, and since the beginning of the year, 8 timesRefers to Sergeant Bibeau.

Away from his preoccupations, youngsters and party-goers are negligently taking advantage of Déry’s location and wish it remained so for a long time now.

This spot is fun. We can all get together, we’re cool off. After nearly two difficult years with Covid, it’s nice to meet again, to have a good time, Comments Young immediately met, Sunday.

With information from Cassandra Nadeau Lamarche

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