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Patrick Roy is the amateur’s choice for Canadian leadership

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Whenever there is an opportunity to lead the Montreal Canadiens, the name Patrick Roy appears. When the EC coach is mentioned in the rumor launch, he mentions the name Patrick Roy.

In short, it is always mentioned.

After all, his résumé is clearly appealing: he won the Memorial Cup with Remparts, and he was this year’s NHL Coach knowing his hockey like no other. Not to mention his accomplishments as a player, especially in Montreal.

But is he really the right man for the job? Would Marc Berguven Really Hire Him? Does not want CEO role In a place?

These are all good questions.

What we do know is that Roy said that last weekThe door to a job in Montreal would not be closed if offered.

And what we also know is that it is the most popular choice for taking over the Canadian leadership.

This is what emerges from prof Public opinion referendum Done by his employer, Kepecor, via Leisure Group.

Among the list of names we find his name at the top. It had a strong majority (34% of 521 answers), ahead of the man who ranked second, Bob Hartley. Roy’s former coach, Who wants to retire soon, With 9% of the vote.

He also touches Roy a lot, who says he feels flattered that public opinion is on his side.

Dominic Ducharme is in third place only. Yes, the current (interim) coach, but he’s also the guy who saw Mark Bergevin never interview anyone in order to keep him as coach.

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Among the most popular options are Joel Bouchard (6%), English-speaking Gerard Gallant (5%), and Guy Boucher (5%).

We also note the presence of Benoit Groolux, Alain Nasruddin and André Tourini.

Currently, the stars are out of balance in Patrick Roy’s case. However, that can change quickly.

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