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Racism 2.0 | Montreal Magazine

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Every day the racial gap widens. After decades, if not nearly a century, of preaching that there is only one gender – the human race – morbid rioters are busy finding the little monster establishing what I would call the division .: eggs with eggs; Blacks with blacks. Aboriginal people with indigenous people. Every home.

What this pseudo-postmodern left defends is nothing but racism 2.0.

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New controversy

New poetry star Amanda Gorman, who fascinated the whole world with her advertisements The hill we climb At President Biden’s inauguration, he is the focus of the final controversy.

After choosing to translate Gorman’s work, Dutch writer Marek Lucas Reinfeld, who won the Booker Prize last year, was forced to step back in the face of the controversy caused by the journalist, despite the fact that the Dutch publisher Mejulinhof took care to point out that Rijnfeld was “committed to issues of gender equality and resilience.” In addition to the recognition of the passion and struggle for an inclusive society.

In France, the Fayard House, who realized more that the white world was now walking on eggshells, commissioned the translation to the Belgian-Congolese artist Marie Piera Kakuma.

Once there, we want to ask ourselves: Do I have the right to read Amanda Gorman’s poetry if I’m white?

Race Guards

Imagine for a moment that my editor decided to translate the latest bestseller (Beatrice Piccard: As we get older, we can say anything) By choosing a black translator and I am against it. The intergalactic cry will be: I will be accused of racism, of being a white fanatic, and I will be executed without trial in less than two on social networks.

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In vain, I conjure up all the modern intellectual concepts: cultural appropriation, the inability to understand my sensitivity to eggs, etc., there will definitely be a handful of activists from Concordia University to make an automatic version of my books in front of a symbolic place. Bookstore.

Did you know that most of Danny Lavrier’s books have been translated into English by A White Man (David Hommel)? Was there a scandal? No.

The identity network of the New Guardians of Race is anything but counter-racism, in the name of sensitivity to slave pasts, partial aggression and other very questionable concepts that have spawned America’s most awake campuses.

Imagine the following drifts to come: Can a man translate a book a woman wrote? vice versa?

I don’t even know if I should include “racist” characters (how ugly, this new talk) in the novel I’m writing, because it loses. If there was, I would accuse me of seizing an allergy that does not belong to me; If it wasn’t there, I would be accused of making the black community invisible.

The question is now unanswered: Whatever one does, the prevailing racism inevitably puts the white community on the wrong side of the fence. Of note is the Fence set up by the Racists 2.0.

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