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Paul-André Boisvert is full of volunteerism

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magazine. Paul-André Boisvert is a simple, organized guy who is deeply committed to his community. Drummondvillois is one of 40 winners of the Hommage Voluntaire-Québec Award awarded by the Government of Quebec.

Presented on the sidelines of the Volunteer Week, this trophy rewards Quebecers who are distinguished by their exceptional commitment and business wealth. Recognized as a pioneer in Drummondville cross-country skiing, Paul-André Boisvert wanted to share this honor with his family.

“Often we forget those who are there for us day in and day out, our loved ones. I realize that day. Every time I got involved in a case, my wife Raymond and my two children, Claudine and Marc-Andre, joined me. They often did the job I never did at home. “They’ve been there since the beginning, but I probably didn’t see them in the storm,” said the 75-year-old.

“My current wife, Claire, is also a volunteer. The man who is now the grandfather of eight grandchildren added.

Following the example of his father, Paul-Andre Boissafert discovered the torch of volunteering. “My father used to work in Celanese, but he always found time to help others, whether it was entertaining in St. Charles or at the baseball field. I feel that for him, it was also a way to cultivate deep friendships. The man who comes from a family of seven said:

Paul-André Boisvert was honored in the category “Volunteers over 36 years old” for the Center-du-Québec region, receiving his award during a visit to the National Assembly.

“I met people there going through the same things as me. It was very motivating! There were volunteers between 14 and 94 years old. I could see that there was a good succession among the young people. They had ideas that we did not dare to have at the time,” the accountant confirmed by Occupation.

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Well-equipped roadmap

In 1977 Paul-André Boisvert began cycling and cross-country skiing to combat lumbar spasms. The Saint-Charles-de-Drummond native first became known in the community through his involvement as a bouncer and administrator within the Cité des loisirs cross-country ski club.

In 1997, Paul-André Boisvert was one of the founding members of the Saint-François Cross-Country Ski Club. Located in the heart of the Village québécois d’antan, the tracks of this club are the delight of lovers of this discipline even today.

Paul-Andre Boisevert (Photo: Louise Leblanc)

With the quality of life of seniors at his heart, Paul-André Boisvert has always wanted cross-country skiing to be accessible to people of all ages and all strata of society. He worked especially as a coach for the students who came to learn the basics of this sport.

“Mr. The Mayor of Drummondville, Stephanie Lacoste, said Boisvert is one of the citizens who have made a real difference in their community. The city can always count on their participation during organized activities. Thanks to him, many citizens benefit from the Ski Country Club every year. Sense of humor His energy and friendliness makes the entire team a pleasure to work with.

Paul-André Boisvert’s contribution doesn’t stop there as he was the man behind the creation of the Vélotour de l’Amitié in 1992, after a diagnosis of an illness received by his first wife. In 13 editions, this fundraising activity raised more than $50,000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Over the years, Paul-André Boisvert has been involved as an administrator in many community and sports organizations. As an ambassador for Réseaux plein air Drummond, he helps cycling enthusiasts promote bike trails in the area.

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The mentor at Drummondville Economic Development Corporation, Paul-André Boisvert also shares his experience with young local entrepreneurs. “I remind them that it is not only the know-how that matters, but the human being as well. When you start a business, you have to pilot your boat, but don’t forget you have a family,” said the dedicated volunteer.

Paul-Andre Boisfert upon his appointment to the Grand du Sport in 2012 (file photo, Ghyslain Bergeron)

In 2012, Paul-André Boisvert was named 34th in the Grand du sport de Drummondville in recognition of his commitments to the world of sport. “Paul Andre celebrated his time, then proclaimed the president of the great sport, Manon Salvas. He gave hope to hundreds of people who wanted to make their spare time a chance to move and excel themselves and improve their quality of life by staying healthy.

This year, the selection committee for the Tribute to Quebec Awards had to choose from nearly 200 nominees in four distinct categories.

“The winners and the organizations honored are role models for all residents,” stated the Minister in charge of the Quebec Centre, André Lamontane. Their altruism is certainly the noblest expression of the concept of social solidarity. They make a huge difference in the lives of their fellow citizens. Our society is enriched by it. “

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