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Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières: “a refreshing victory”

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Trois Rivers | Alexander Tagliani couldn’t find a better place to claim the 10th win of his career in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

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Lachini pilot took the lead at the age of 17NS From the 60 laps of the GP3R Main Event so you never leave him again. Not only is this his third win in Morrissey, but his sixth consecutive podium appearance at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres. Accompanied by Jean-Francois Dumoulin and Kevin Lacroix the winner on the Tribune of Honor.

“It’s a refreshing victory,” Tagliani said. The day before we were looking for a way to improve the car’s handling and the team made some productive changes. “

For Tagliani, the race likely started after his pit stop, where he went out in front of Louis-Philippe Dumoulin to take the front row.

“It was the turning point in the race,” he replies. But, frankly, it wasn’t easy. There were drivers behind them who wanted to win as much as I did.”

The yellow flag has only rarely been waved twice, the first time in the middle of the road. then at 54NS A lap, a second break in the proceedings was necessary to clear debris on the runway.

“That last yellow flag sure worries me,” the pilot admitted 47 years ago. “You never know what will happen with a few laps to do, especially at Trois-Rivieres.”

In second place, Jean-François Dumoulin made no secret of his satisfaction with his 66 . scoreNS Get started, the best score of his career in the NASCAR Pinty Series.

However, he is not without some regret that he was not able to offend Tagliani before lowering the curtain. Stuck behind Lacroix, who bravely defended his place as a dolphin behind the Tagliani, the older of the Dumoulin brothers may have waited too long.

“It’s true that if I didn’t waste a lot of time behind him, I would probably have a better chance of winning. I should have made her feel more of my presence. Kevin came to see me after the race to tell me he found me patient!”

Lacroix doesn’t seem to be disappointed with third place, although he had a good chance of winning as well.

“I had a hard time changing gear at the end of the race,” the Saint-Eustache driver explained. The second report was a rebel. It was a shame, because the car was so efficient. The last raise removed any hope of fighting for the win, because when the green flag was waved, the drivers hit me behind and that annoyed me. “

Starting in pole position, the event’s favorite Louis-Philippe Dumoulin led the first 12 laps of the race before slowing due to brake issues and a slight touch with Lacroix. He reached fifth place in fifth place.

The other logical candidate to win, Marc-Antoine Camerand, who was second at the start of the race, was forced to retire on lap nine, after his car’s gearbox malfunctioned. Like what, bad luck continues to persecute the Saint-Léonard-d’Aston pilot.

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On the other hand, we must emphasize the beautiful outfit of Quebec Simone Dion Fiennes (7NS), Louis-Philippe Montour (8NS), Luc Lesage (9NS) and Dexter Stacy (10NS) whose names appear in the top ten.

Cumulative standings, Raphael Lessard, winner of the first two races of the season in Ontario and 14thNS Sunday still lead with 95 points. It follows Louis-Philippe Dumoulin (79), Triten Labcevic (77), Taliani (76) and Alex Janet (74) in order.

The next stop in the NASCAR Pinty Series will take place on Saturday, August 28th at the ICAR Road Circuit in Mirabel. The next day, two races were scheduled for the oval track of the Schuyder Autodrome in Valley Junction.

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