Perpignan University burying abstracts for the advancement of science

Out of context, the photo may surprise: at the beginning of July, students with an SVT license from the University of Perpignan received their Summaries discovered Like harvesting truffles. Scattered all over the campus, these cotton underwear stayed Buried under 15 cm off the ground for three months. Aim of the experiment: To examine the microbiological activity in the vault.

In a press release, the University of Perpignan via Domitia (UPVD) states that “Abstracts are slightly decomposed, meaning the soil is alive, healthy and in average health.

The same experiment is currently taking place across France. At the initiative of AdemeEnergy Conversion Agency. “
How do you monitor soil life? Ademe offers you to plant a slip!‘Can we read? On his website, “This method, already used in many countries and regions of France by farmers, makes it possible to monitor the degradation of a natural substance by soil organisms.Why slip? Because it has elastic (non-biodegradable) which makes it easier to find than a simple piece of cheesecloth.

I did the same experiment using masks

In addition to the cotton briefs, the students wanted to expand the scope of experimenting with surgical masks. Five campus locations were selected. “Surprisingly, the mask buried in the SSU (University Health Service) has been slightly eroded by ants, worms of all kinds, bacteria and fungi in the ground. So the hope of seeing these masks degraded one day is possible!The University of Perpignan rejoices, which is pledging to repeat the process next year.

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