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Perseverance has finally found its parachute on Mars

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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More than 400 days intersect with the soil of Mars and this time everything NASA’s Perseverance Vehicle I finally found him the umbrella – And his heat shield! Exactly on Sol 404, MastCam-Z spotted traces, just south of the site rover. About 700 meters.

The engineers were planning to find a parachute perseverance A little earlier in his a task. After playing his part at the end Journey to Mars From Percy, in the slowdown of the probe’s landing on Mars, it fell to only a few hundred meters. Between persistence and one of its main scientific goals, the Jezero crater delta.

But to get to it – or almost – the rover of NASA Had to avoid a dangerous area, a field of sand dunes. And he finally had to travel more than 8.6 kilometers to get there.

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