Petri file must now be settled.

Jeff Petry is a favorite target of the Canadiens fans this season due to his frequent poor performances.

Several analysts have also been highly critical of his work, including Michel Bergeron. Birgi called for Petrie’s immediate departure on Sunday during a special broadcast on TVA Sports, on the eve of the deal deadline.

The former coach said right from the start “We have to settle Petrie’s file now. My idea has come out since the Samuel Montemboldt incident. He had to leave Montreal, period.

Besides multiplying the errors in his area, the 34-year-old defender is not a good influence for the organisation’s young players, according to Birgi.

“He recovered a few games after Martin St. Louis arrived, but he made another blunder on Saturday. He’s gone in his head, that’s what he wants. Let’s make it easy for him!

“We send him anywhere, it will be beneficial for the whole team. The young people around him are wondering if this is how the veteran should act.

There is no longer a place for Gallagher and Byron.

Bergeron is also hoping general manager Kent Hughes will miss forwards Brendan Gallagher and Paul Byron.

“Between Joel Jeremiah and Gallagher, two right-handers who have played with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield recently, there is no comparison: Jeremiah is more useful than Gallagher. I know I won’t make everyone happy, but Gallagher is enough.

“He’s had some good years with the Canadians, we’ve rewarded him for that, but if we want to take the next step and have a talented and fast team, Gallagher can’t be a part of him. If he stays, he’ll have to play in the fourth line.

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As for Byron, Bergeron sees CH no longer needing him since Rem Pitlick showed up.

“The other player I’d say finished is Byron. You have to make decisions and Pitlick takes his place. We don’t need Byron since the arrival of Pitlick, who is the public revelation in Montreal. If the other 31 teams don’t want Byron’s concessions, why are we keeping him? ?”

On the other hand, Brett Kulak wants to remain a member of CH.

“Kulak, keep it. We see he behaves well with the guys. You will have a pick in the third round against him, but who cares about the third picks, the Canadian has 42!”

Watch Michel Bergeron’s full milking in the video above.

Note that a special program will be offered on our airwaves transaction deadline starting at 6am on Monday. The fateful hour is fixed at three o’clock in the afternoon.

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