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Philadelphia Flyers Camp: “The Hardest Practice of My Life” – Mikael Hochette

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Mikael Hochette made two observations at the Philadelphia Flyers camp: John Tortorella is not the domineering coach often described on the outside and… he’ll never be able to criticize Patrick Roy’s coaching!

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Fraîchement débarqué du camp des Flyers, qui lui avaient offert une invitation après qu’il n’eut pas été repêché pour une deuxième année de suite, Huchette avait le sourire fendu jusqu’aux oreilles a lorsécé écé expéché son , This morning.

And this is not because Tortorella saved him, quite the contrary! An image of him lying on the ice all over, while Tortorella gives instructions to players in the background, has spread all over the web.

“It was the hardest exercise in my life on the ground! It was hell, I couldn’t stand it in the end. All the guys were scared. I saw the lions at the end, it was insanely tough! I’m telling you, guys, it doesn’t make sense! I won’t be able to cry about Patrick practices again, that’s for sure,” he laughed.

good guy

Because in the end, he only gets the positive things out of this experience. Not only did the 19-year-old quarterback get a taste of Tortorella’s medicine on ice, he got to know him privately off the ice.

“He’s a really good guy. He’s there for you children. Like he said, it’s up to us to be physically prepared, but his door is always open. Yes, he’s really strong on the ice, but he’s a good guy off the ice. He has an attitude, he imposes and understands Game. I was impressed and would really like to play with him later. He is there for men and he is honest. »

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According to him, his presence in Philadelphia would only be positive in an organization that has been on the water for a few seasons. From his brief stint in the team environment, Huchette already felt he was making his mark on his new team.

“His practice is intense and it has to be done his way, but it works. The Flyers, I think he was more relaxed than before and now they will be ready. He is expecting a great season even if they are not considered among the best teams in the league. I think it is good that he is cleaning up. »

In Pennsylvania, Hoechette also came into contact with quipexin by Nicolas Desloriers and Antoine Roussel.

“Deslauriers, he’s scary, but he’s a really good guy! As for Russell, he just chatted and walked with us in the morning. He was cheerful To be able to rub shoulders with these guys every day. They gave me good advice. »

motivated, impulsive

So Huchette is back in Quebec again and a catalyst for the QMJHL season. Flyers gave him some tips to improve his skating, including some exercises to improve the flexibility of his hips, and said he was ready to contribute to the success of the Remparts.

“It was the best experience of my life. To be able to rub shoulders with guys from the NHL, seeing as you’re not too far away. […] We will have a great team in Quebec and my role will be more important. I have confidence in myself and I want to attack more. I want to have a great season with the players. »

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nice problem

Even if he returns from a professional camp, it will be difficult for Huchette to secure a place among the top 6 attacking players with Remparts. Nice problem by Patrick Roy.

Théo Rochette and Nathan Gaucher are expected to fill the roles of the team’s top two positions this season. But that doesn’t mean Hochette won’t play an important role with the team, warns Roy, who intends to use it in all sauces as he did in the second half of the season during the last season.

“A team that wants to win needs a good midfield. Initially, my plan is to get him in the middle of the third line and give him more responsibility in the penalty kick as well as in front of the net in the power game. He will have an important role for us and will add weight to our midfield, along with With Nathan Gocher. »

♦ Furthermore, Nathan Gaucher (Anaheim Ducks), Théo Rochette (Philadelphia Flyers) and Vsevolod Komarov (Buffalo Sabers) are cut today and will be joining the Remparts.

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