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This issue is still related to the cost of living and transportation – much has been said about 3e The link, REM in Montreal (Metropolitan Express Network) and even the tramway.

How to make municipalities lively, accessible and sensitive to the issues of those who live there – think especially of aging populations and ‘age-friendly’ municipalities.

But let’s also think about the heat islands and heat waves that lie ahead. One way to combat it is through greening: plant more trees and increase the number of gardens.

Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

  • David Alvaro Clark, a city planner, head of public affairs at the Union of Town Planners and a former government employee at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. He is also a member of the board of directors of L’Arpent.
  • clouds lesardAnd the PhD in Urban Studies, currently a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the University of Waterloo, Ontario

When it comes to housing, we have long appreciated suburban living. However, in recent years, a new trend appears to be taking shape, the trend towards condensation: cities grow by condensing their centers rather than spreading out. New trend or old? Urban sprawl, is it outdated?

How do our guests evaluate the parties’ promises regarding urban and regional development?

In June 2022, the government published a National Policy in Architecture and Land Use Planning – Better Living and Building Our Land. These are intentions, not concrete actions, but we can see the desire to build healthy, sustainable, human-level and inclusive environments…by 2042! What do you think of this outcome of the consultation conducted since January 2021?

Why was it necessary to reform the law on development and urban planning? Should cities get more autonomy?

To all this, it is also necessary to accompany the municipal sector, from a financial point of view but also from a technical point of view … even scientific?

We are seeing rising housing prices and a shortage of social housing. Is there any solution?

There is also a demographic issue: the population is aging. How can cities be designed to allow older people to live in the city, or where they have spent a large part of their lives, while making life easier for them?


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Photo: Urban Intensification and Greening, Stockholm.

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