Philip Danault ‘wasn’t jumping for joy’ when Mark Bergvin landed with the Kings

This morning, 91.9 Sports broadcast an excellent interview with Philip Danault in the morning show. Kings Center is back on many topics, including its first season with the Kings, where it wasn’t expected to produce much aggressive talk.

He says he has adapted well and loves his life in California.

But what I want to draw your attention to is the end of his journey with flannel. Asked if he wanted to leave Montreal or if he had left due to negotiations with Marc Bergiveen, Quebec said a mixture of the two is on file.

Number 24 said six years in Montreal is a long time with all the pressures that could be there. However, he liked the city and thought that he was going to stay, but it was the negotiations with the administration that derailed everything.

Bergevin wanted to go with the youngsters who had gained experience in the cup final, and therefore he did not want to give Danault the grand prize.

That, he says, is what cost his departure because the player wants to feel appreciated. He didn’t get the award he deserved and the Kings gave him more offensive time.

Do not know whether [Marc Bergevin] She believed in me as much as I believed in myself. – Philip Danault

In Los Angeles, he was out of pressure and Bergwijn at a club that didn’t finish 32nd in the standings.

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And that’s where Bergiveen landed in town to support DG Rob Blake. At first, Danault wasn’t the happiest of men because although Bergevin pressed him in Chicago and brought him to Montreal, he also got him out of town.

But even if he wasn’t jumping for joy, Danault still took the time to chat with his former CEO in order to clear the file. We feel like they’d never be the type to invite each other to dinner for fun, but Danault assures that there are no hard feelings and that it’s okay today.

After all, without her, he would not be in Los Angeles and would be in rebuilding Canadians.

Danault now looks good at his new responsibilities with the Kings and doesn’t want to go back to the past. In Los Angeles, he’s building something good for the future and wants to build on that.

But nonetheless: He had his moments in Montreal and he won’t forget them. for example? If the Kings beat the Oilers in the first round, he wouldn’t eat pizza in front of the media because that gesture belongs to Montreal.

Many of

– The city is hockey in Laval.

– Talk about the missile.

– there will be sum Organized by CH at Brossard today for some hopes.

– Good gesture.

– Notice to interested parties.

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