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Pictures | Plane makes emergency landing on highway

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A plane made an emergency landing on a highway in western North Carolina on Thursday.

The camera installed on the plane captured the entire scene of the unprecedented event.

The pilot in question, Vincent Fraser, had difficulties with the aircraft, so he had no choice but to perform the difficult maneuver.

The man got his pilot’s license last October and only had 100 hours of flying experience under his belt.

At the time of the events, Vincent was with his father-in-law watching from the air his property located on the edge of Lake Fontana.

The pilot explains how he reacted when his plane began to quietly descend.

I went to check my flight documents and this allowed me to temporarily regain control of the plane, but the plane only flew for three to five seconds. Then the plane continued its descent.

The pilot was having serious problems: he was in a mountainous area of ​​the state.

The only option available to land safely was to land on the busy highway during the summer time.

“When I landed on the road, my main concern was not to hurt or kill anyone,” the pilot told CNN.

After landing safely, he says he will never forget this day of July 7, 2022.

The man will regain control of his plane this week to fly home to Florida.

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