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2022 Acura NSX Type S | road tests

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2022 Acura NSX Type S, Profile

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For 2022, the Acura NSX has been redesigned to accommodate the Type S badge, an Acura performance hallmark that has already installed cars like the MDX crossover and TLX sedan, in recent months. In fact, it may seem odd that the NSX, the most capable model in Acura’s lineup, had to wait its turn to receive the S-Type treatment, but when you think about what that means for the Japanese supercar, you begin to understand why good things come to those who wait.

S force.
First, going to the Spec S questions the design of the NSX. What used to be a car that seemed stuck between a McLaren and an Audi R8, has been transformed into something more elaborate thanks to revised headlights, a front spoiler, new rims and, perhaps most notably, a massive rear diffuser that looks like it can do. Look on the NSX GT3 racing. Add to that the Indy Yellow Pearl paint scheme shown here with contrasting black decals, and you have an eye-catching hybrid supercar.

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2022 Acura NSX Type S, Interior

2022 Acura NSX Type S, Interior

Look inside and more details will appear. Alcantara suede is used extensively (the front lining and A-pillars are completely covered in this material very similar to that found on racing cars), as are NSX logos on the seat backs. Under the rear hood, there’s also an all-new engine in red that looks a lot like the fictional character from the Predator series before it revealed its fangs.

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Additionally, the NSX’s cabin is surprisingly spacious considering its looks. One shouldn’t have a lot of head, leg and elbow room, but the truth is that getting into the S-Type requires very little modification to get into low-end sports cars or super sports not called a Porsche 911.

Even with all that elbow room, the driving position is comfortable enough, and the chunky steering wheel (here carbon-fiber thanks to my test model’s lightweight package that helped shed 58 pounds) is well enough in place, so you can To get the leverage you need to see the mountain roads and racetrack curves. There’s no gear lever to speak of – a pair of paddles and a set of buttons perform the common functions of a conventional lever – but because the cabin geometry is well coordinated, the paddles are fine. .

2022 Acura NSX Type S, Gearbox Buttons

2022 Acura NSX Type S, Gearbox Buttons

Speaking of gearbox buttons, a lot of them complained, both here and on other Acura products, but I’m not against them. In fact, I’ve tried systems like this from other manufacturers that are less responsive than I’d like, but haven’t found that to be the case here. Press the D button and you are good to go; Turning into reverse, which means the three-point turns aren’t as slow as they can sometimes be.

Behind the steering wheel is an all-digital gauge cluster that doesn’t look as modern as some of its competitors, but the lines are easily readable and the way the needle sweeps across the tachometer is nice and quick.

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What I can’t easily forgive is the infotainment system. Unlike the all-new Integra—or even RDX and MDX SUVs—the NSX handles an old system that looks like it was pulled straight from an old Honda. This means that there is no volume button, and a small touchpad screen on the left side is filled with small buttons and outdated graphics. There seems to be no rule that a $220,000 supercar must have the latest in-car entertainment…

2022 Acura NSX Type S, Type S badge.

2022 Acura NSX Type S, Type S badge.

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