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Some clinics offer 3D or 4D ultrasounds for entertainment purposes. It’s not medically necessary, but it does allow expectant parents to see their baby more accurately than a two-dimensional diagnostic ultrasound. Some packages can cost up to $300.

Does 3D ultrasound pose risks to the health of the fetus?

This fetal ultrasound for memorial video purposes is not prohibited in the country.

So far, there are no studies indicating that 3D ultrasound is dangerous for the baby. However, it has theoretical risks, as it increases body temperature. In the case of diagnostic (2D) ultrasounds performed throughout pregnancy, the medical benefits outweigh the risks. This is why it is commonly practiced.

However, 3D and 4D recreational ultrasounds are discouraged by medical authorities. Even some groups of doctors oppose it. according to Health CanadaUltrasound should not be used for non-medical or even commercial reasons.

In Quebec, doctors cannot prescribe these ultrasounds because they are not medically necessary. Therefore, it cannot be performed by medical imaging technicians.

journalist : Francois Sanche
Research journalist : Kim Chabot

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