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Jaafar Heikal: There is no epidemiological emergency to impose the vaccination card

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Yes to the vaccination card, provided that it is implemented Over the next few weeks, to give time to the population to calmly and pragmatically understand the interest of the latter and to work as an educational one,” Jaafar Haykal entrusted to us.

He added that Today there was no epidemiological emergency, and that health risk indicators (lethal, intensive care bed occupancy rate, mortality, etc.) were green in Morocco for ten weeks.

The professor pointed out that “the situation is under control, even if it still requires vigilance and the continuation of vaccination,” explaining that the various health indicators depend not only on vaccination, but also on the various health procedures in place.

He noted that “vaccination reduces transmission of the virus by 70% and severe forms of Covid by 85%, and therefore remains very important.”

However, Jaafar Heikal points out that the World Health Organization does not advocate the health card, and that the majority of countries have not adopted it.

He considers that it can be used if it comes to protecting the majority of the minority. We have to convince this minority and give it to them A period of 6 to 8 weeks To understand the value of vaccination, and from this period everyone bears their responsibility. “

The professor also noted that among this minority were people who could not be vaccinated due to allergies. So it will be necessary to find a suitable solution for this goal.

“I am with groupthink, to give the minority a chance to learn more about vaccination.”

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“We are not against the vaccination permit, but we are against the passage of the vaccine,” he added It gives people time to stick to the vaccine. Jaafar Heikal sealed the petition against Duty to permit vaccination.


Oct 21, 2021 at 4:54 pm

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