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Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and RTX 30 series graphics card.

Are you hoping to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X console, in time for Christmas? They are rare…

In addition, video game fans have informed invoice That, in their case, the merchant added a condition: to purchase a console, they also had to purchase another product such as an additional console, a game, a set of accessories, or even in one case, a cell phone.

Is it legal to be required to purchase additional items when selling a video game console to you?

Yes this is legal.

In fact, the law applicable here is simply the law of supply and demand. The merchant can specify the terms of purchase. Whether or not you want to spend your money in his shop is up to you.

On the other hand, if there are conditions, such as the purchase of other additional products, then the company must disclose them clearly long before the purchase, for example on the website, in advertisements, in the quote on the shelves.

And if you were brought into the store for an excuse, for example, to pick up the console you pre-ordered, and you have to buy another product to get the console, check the following: It can be considered a forced sale that violates Section 230 of the Consumer Protection Act.

The Bureau of Consumer Protection also received several complaints that it categorized as possible forced sale, particularly at EBGames and GameStop, as well as at Source.

invoice I contacted both companies to find out their policies. There was no response from Electronics Boutique Canada, the company that owns the EBGames and GameStop brands.

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The source, for its part, asserts that it does not endorse this practice in its policy and that it takes complaints seriously. Bell, who has acquired the retailer, replies in an email to invoice : “The source sells game consoles as a single product and does not require customers to purchase accessories or other add-ons with the console. If items are shown together, they will be “packed together in a closed box.” For pre-orders, “it is made to order.” , which means that people who order controllers as one-time items will get them on that basis.”

journalist : Francois Sanche
Research journalist : Isabelle Roberge

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