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Pierre Fitz Gibbons insists that “there is no conflict of interest.”

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Respond to information from Montreal Magazine Wants to meet in January 2019 with Prime Minister Francois Legault One of the founders of White Star, Eric Martineau-Fortin, Pierre Fitzgibbon confirms that he has never met the White Star Fund as part of his work. Functions of a Minister.

To the journalists who asked him about the publication Montreal Magazine From a photo showing him in the company of Mister Legault and Erik Martineau-Fortin, Pierre Fitzgibbon wanted to explain his position.

According to him, the photo was taken in Paris during an economic dinner during which he met Patricia Barbizet, the influential economic figure in France, and his collaborators, including Mr. Martineau-Fortin. Prime Minister Lego and his wife met at the scene Accidentally, They would have decided to immortalize the moment by taking a photo together. Everything will not last Just three or four minutesI assure Pierre Fitzgibbon.

I have never had a discussion with White Star since I took the position of Minister.

Quote from:Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy of Quebec

The economy minister, whose personal origins were at the center of four investigations by the Ethics Commissioner and two blame on the National Assembly over the past four years, believes that there is There is no conflict of interest, That he has nothing to be ashamed of and does not intend to leave the Cabinet.

However, according to Montreal MagazineTwo officers from the White Star Fund are registered with the Lobbyist Registry in order to obtain a financial contribution from Investissement Québec, for which Pierre FitzGibbon is responsible.

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According to the minister, the personal money he kept was invested in the White Star in 2014, long before he took over as minister. He added that the fund was already closed and was being put into liquidation when it entered politics. So it is clear to him that there can be no conflict of interest.

The fund you invested in is a closed 2014 fund since I entered politics.

Quote from:Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy of Quebec

However, Pierre Fitzgibbon has repeatedly refused to give up these investments in the White Star despite investigations and repeated requests from Ethics Commissioner Ariane Mignolet, who has said he cannot own a stake in unlisted companies doing business with the government.

Regarding the White Star’s presence in the lobbying registry, Pierre Fitzgibbon states that the Bank of Canada, and Caisse de dépôt et placement and Investissement Québec, among others, have been partners in this fund for many years. Since the fund he invested in has been closed for years, he does not see any personal benefit to it in this position.

I have no influence on the white star […] He. She [Mme Mignolet] You will talk to people about the White Star and judge there is no conflict of interest.

Quote from:Pierre Fitzgibbon Minister of Economy

According to him, Kebecor appears Relentlessly Him in this case.

Recently, the Government handed over management of any requests from the White Star to the Chair of the Treasury, Sonia Leibel, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest related to Mr. Fitzgibbon.

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The opposition is demanding his resignation

Things are not very clear in the ranks of the opposition, as we demand the departure of Pierre Fitz Gibbons from the Council of Ministers in the face of this multiplication of the minister’s violations of the ethics of parliamentarians.

He is a frequent criminal for breaking the code of ethicsWednesday morning denounced Quebec Solidere spokesman for economics and innovation, Vincent Marisal.

I told him: “One thing at a time. Out of the cabinet, you decide your affairs, and then we will see.”

Quote from:Vincent Marisal, Quebec Solidere spokesperson for economics and innovation

In the liberal ranks, one wonders especially about Prime Minister Francois Legault’s tolerance for the morals of one of his ministers.

Mr. Legault has an ethic that I will describe as flexible, flexible and electoral, depending on the atmosphere of the momentFor his part, Gaétan Barrette fired the PLQ spokesperson on Ethical Matters.

In Parti québécois, one wonders where he will be led by François Legault’s insistence on keeping Pierre Fitzgibbon as minister.

If it was Mr. Legault […] He decides to keep it, as he is the one who will have to defend to the Kepikers as the CAQ is different from the Liberal PartyFor his part, Representative PQ Martin Ouellet.

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