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Playstation community celebrations begin with Days of Play 2021

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PlayStation today announced On his blog Community celebrations return with days of play.

In an effort to make the event bigger this year, Playstation announced that this year’s gaming days will include various activities over several weeks to thank the gaming community.

These celebrations will once again allow players to play with each other and participate in specific events that will provide them with a PSN avatar as well as themes for Playstation 4.

To do this, you must Sign Up In order to launch the first phase of the event that starts on May 18th. Starting May 18th, you will only have to play games.

For example: The community must play a target number of games each week. Every PS4 / PS5 game that each participant plays for at least one hour (over the number of sessions you want during the week) will count toward the Games Goal. You will earn double points for reaching the goal if you play games with users of your Friends (who are also signed up for participation).

Other challenges will be offered, such as collecting trophies for PS4 / PS5 games or even bounty challenges that the community will have to plan for.

Different prices offered by levels

Weekend free online multiplayer

If you haven’t tried the PlayStation Plus Online Multiplayer feature yet, Playstation will host a free online multiplayer weekend later this month. Thus, you will be able to access online multiplayer mode for the PS4 and PS5 games that you own.

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