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Playstation Plus: A date and a surprise guest – Ubisoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment – News

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New Playstation Plus formats It will be launched on June 23 in Europe and released by Sony Games List Which will be available in Extra / Deluxe / Premium formats. We quickly remember the differences:

  • Playstation Plus Extra: Download PS4 and PS5 Games
  • Playstation Plus Deluxe: Like Extra but with PS1, PS2, PSP games and mini fry
  • Playstation Plus Premium: Same as Deluxe but with the addition of PS3 streaming games and big cola

The subscription is great for PS4 and PS5 games, but it’s a desert on the PS1/PS2 gaming side. Glad to see Intelligent Qube but it still lacks a lot of classics the first side Like Wipeouts. By the way, adapters like Bioshock or Borderlands are only included in Deluxe and Premium subscriptions, even though they’re PS4 games…

Like EA Play on Game Pass, Extra and Premium subscriptions (but not Deluxe?) He will have access to Ubisoft + Classics Which will include 27 Ubi games for launch and 50 at the end of 2022. Overall, the whole thing seems to be aimed at new players because if you’ve been in the Sony ecosystem for a while, you’ve probably finished most of the games in question. The strength of Game Pass is the ability to play games the first side As soon as they get out what appears to be missing here.

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