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The Canadian has the seventh-best bank prospects in the NHL according to

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Maxime Desroches of went on a very fun workout, and that meant ranking NHL teams in their best rest. The exact ranking has not yet been published, but we now know that CH ranked seventh.

Many criteria were considered in this exercise, but the depth of Habs Bank helped it stand out. With 38 picks in the last 4 drafts, this is normal. Indeed, the presence of many options gives more opportunities to choose interesting young people.

But according to Desroches, what is hurting Canadians is the lack of hope for very great talent. Yes, there is a good chance that Guhle, Harris or Farrell will become good players in the NHL, but CH lacks young enough talented to play in the first line or first pair of defenders.

As mentioned in the article, that’s why the team needs to achieve its number one goal with its number one pick this year.

Desroches also ranked the organization’s top 20 potential sites. Here are the top ten:

1- Kayden Jahl, defender

2- Justin Barron (defender)

3- Jordan Harris, defender

4- Logan Maalox, defender

5- Sean Farrell, left winger

6- Matthias Norländer, defender

7- Jesse Yelonen, right winger

8- Joshua Roy, left winger

9- Jean Messack Center

10- Riley Kidney, center

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Personally, I think Norlander, who has never produced at a high level, ranks very high on this list.

Joshua Roy, who outrageously dominates QMJHL, should be in a better position. It clearly has shortcomings in terms of skating, but in organization He has now appointed people whose job it is to improve this aspect of their players’ game.

With so many options in the bank this year, the Canadian will have the opportunity to fill his bucket. With the depth already so interesting, it’s time to target players with very high potential.

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Great goal from Galchinok

– But then again, Jordan Harris wasn’t wearing the uniform of the United States.

Their first home game will be on May 29.

– Mark Stone will have back surgery on Wednesday, but should be back in time for training camp.

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