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Pokémon: Petition to Dubbing Quebec on Netflix

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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No one from Quebec will agree to watch the French dubbing of The Simpsons. So why tolerate the ancient world sounds of Pokemon?

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This is clearly what a brave netizen by the name of Vincent Desjardins brought to himself this week by launching an online petition, and invited Netflix Canada to put the dubbing of the Pokémon series in Quebec on its platform.

“I wanted to improve my daughter’s cultural education by presenting an important part of our TV heritage to her, but the only French version of Pokémon on Netflix is ​​dubbed in France. Skirtel? Sasha? Professor Ok ??? Is this really the world we want to raise our children in? Let’s join our voices to pass [un] A clear message to the president of Netflix Canada that we won’t let us do that, ”we can read on The solicitation page, Which was sent to our colleague Kazzie on Instagram. screenshot

After verification, the only French track shown on various series of the franchise on Netflix Canada is actually France, which could cause a real cultural shock to anyone who grew up with the Quebec version of Pokémon.

At the time of writing, about thirty nostalgic Quebecers have signed the petition, which first targets a reasonable target of 100 signatures. Will you move the needle in your turn? In any case, if you want to support the important movement, from here.

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Because we’re going to say it quite frankly, Florizar, Charizard and the others, it’s no!

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