Pont de Quebec: ‘Historic opportunity’ to seize, says Labume

It would be ridiculous to pass up a historical opportunity because, Tse, I have been familiar with this file for 14 years, and then I have the impression that we were not so close before [de le régler], the mayor of Quebec commented, Monday, during a press conference.

Radio Canada has learned that negotiations between Ottawa and the Canadian National (CN) to purchase the Quebec Bridge have been put on hold.

According to our information, the financial compensation paid by CN, which owns the infrastructure, repairs and maintains it will meet federal expectations. Instead, it is the question of how much the Quebec government is paying that would prevent a deal.

The outbreak of the federal election campaign prompted Ottawa to halt negotiations.

Regis Labome at a press briefing.

Régis Labeaume believes an agreement in the Quebec Bridge File was never within reach (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada

Régis Labeaume claims to have had several conversations about the file over the past few days. However, he was careful not to disclose its content.

The mayor merely said that the parties, according to him, should reveal more interpretations of the talks. In particular, he would like to know Ottawa’s expectations regarding Quebec’s financial commitments to buy back the bridge.

It’s a matter of national pride, a matter of the bridge […] It might be worth it if governments give us a little more so we know, and the public knows where we are., argued Regis Labom.

Duclos wants to be reassured

If we are to believe the president of the Treasury Board and the federal representative for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, the conclusion of an agreement to buy back the bridge is only a matter of time.

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We have great confidence in the work of negotiator Yvonne Charst. According to him, the progress is significant. He will need more time to come to a good final agreement and he has our confidence to get there., assure M. Duclos.

Jean-Yves Duclos in front of a microphone and a black curtain in the background.

Jean-Yves Duclos confirms that the Quebec Bridge purchase agreement will be concluded soon (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

He adds that Mr Charst’s extra time would favor an agreement that would allow it Preserving, restoring and strengthening the Quebec Bridge for many years to come.

While passing through the Quebec City area on Monday, bloc leader Yves Francois Blanchett mentioned this before conceding in favor of CNThe Quebec Bridge was an infrastructure of federal responsibility. Thus, Ottawa does not have to be so greedy in the part that it wants the Legault government to take over.

In terms of infrastructure, Quebec expects more money from Ottawa than Ottawa expects money from Quebec, supported the sovereign leader by referring, among other things, to federal funding for the third link.

Does not make sense

Like Mayor Labeaume, the liberal opposition in Quebec City is calling on the federal and provincial governments to demonstrate More clarity and transparency Regarding the amounts claimed by both sides.

Marwa Rizki speaking in the Blue Hall of the National Assembly.

Marwa Rezgui criticizes Legault’s government for seeking to make gains from Episode III at the expense of the Quebec Bridge (archive).

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boasino

Saint Laurent MP and spokesperson for Liberalism in charge of the Capitale-National district, Marwa Rezgui, accused François Legault’s party of using negotiations over the Quebec Bridge purchase to encourage Ottawa to fund its Under-River Tunnel project.

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We have a government CAQ Who is willing to put 10 billion dollars of taxpayer money [dans le 3e lien], but who wouldn’t want to release $200 million for major infrastructure like the Quebec Bridge. Does not make senseMs. Rizki denounced in an interview with Radio Canada.

With information from Pierre Alexandre Bolduc and Camille Carpenter

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