Pottery art in the foreground

The ceramic poster on the exhibition sale site

Céramystic Gallery highlights artisans in the region.

Photo: Radio Canada / Ariane Pelland

About thirty professional ceramic artists, as well as ten emerging ceramic artists, gathered to display and sell their artwork.

pottery on platformsview larger image (A new window)

Pottery is presented to the public at several booths at the Rosinsky Art Center.

Photo: Radio Canada / Ariane Pelland

According to the director general of the Rozynski Center for the Arts, Aude Gendreau-Turmel, the confinement made people want to move out. Ceramics have seen a revival in popularity in recent years, and this is confirmed by the Céramystic exhibition and sale.

I think there is an interest, already for the locals. Handmade stuff too. I think there is already an interest there.

Quote from:Aude Gendreau-Turmel, Executive Director of the Rozynski Center for the Arts

Forty were literally on site victims of its success, more than $80,000 in sales were reached, and inventory had to be replenished before the end of the event.

After the first weekend, we’re at the level of sales we had in 2019. Then we got there, and we’ve now doubled it, Aude Gendreau-Turmel mentioned. There is still a beautiful day on Saturday and then on Sunday.

Visitors are shown a short path to discover some artwork, like the one shown in the image below, titled The immigrantsBy Liz Fortin.

The carvings in the water look sad. view larger image (A new window)

This work, Les Migrants, Les Fortin, is the most special of the world

Photo: Radio Canada / Ariane Pelland

ceramic passion

The goal of the Rozynski Center for the Arts is to restore the letters of their nobility into the art of ceramic work. Now equipped with one of the few gas stoves for general use in the country, management is optimistic about it.

For the potters present, the enthusiasm is clearly visible.

There’s been a frenzy, said Marco Savard, ceramist and chairman of the Rosinski Center for the Arts. There are new ways of doing things, there is the visual arts community that is increasingly interested in these materials. So it is a plus for us.

For two graduating seniors, enthusiasm for their art is a promise of hope. Christian La Rochelle and Michel Lavalle expressed their happiness to receive advice on their art.

When we spend the long winter months in our workshop, we don’t see anyoneChristian La Rochelle confirmed.

According to Ariane Biland,

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