PUBG: New State’s First Partnership Adds Speedy Bugatti Rimac Nevera in Next Update

PUBG: Krafton Inc. announced. The new country developer has announced a new partnership with European automaker Bugatti Rimac that will bring one of the world’s fastest sports cars to the mobile battle royale.

Starting with the next update later this month, players will be able to find and test the Bugatti Rimac Nevera on Troi Island. According to the press release, the Nevera is an all-electric car that has 1,914 horsepower, 258 mph and can run the quarter mile in under nine seconds.

Bugatti Rimac Nevera is coming to PUBG New State soon.
Bugatti Rimac Nevera is coming to PUBG New State soon.

Minkyu Park, executive producer of PUBG: New State, said in the official statement. “This is an historic collaboration for us, and the addition of Rimac Nevera to the game will help bring fun, intensity and experiences into the game for our fans.”

A Nevera-themed limited-time chest will be added to the in-game store. Rimac’s chest will include five different map colors, among others: Nevera Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red, and Luminous Gold.

This is the first partnership for the new game PUBG: New State since its launch in November. Its sister game, PUBG Mobile, was recently featured in partnerships with Arcane: A League of Legends Story and Godzilla vs. Million for a hacking group that distributes cheats for the game.

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