Google wants to improve downloading of Android apps

Mobile applications tend to take up more and more space in smartphones! To improve the necessarily non-expandable storage for our devices, Google has developed a specific function that uses crowdsourcing in the Play Store.

A new option being rolled out to Android users is the app install optimization feature. Activated by default (and it is present in Settings for you to deactivate), this function allows Google to collect information about how the user uses the application after downloading it from the Play Store. In particular, the function monitors which parts of the application are used immediately.

An option that is enabled by default

Once enough users enter their information, the apps will install faster, the search engine says. And with good reason, since the Play Store will introduce the most useful “parts” of apps, leaving aside those that won’t be used immediately. In addition to reducing download time, this feature will speed up the overall launch and operation of applications.

Another important feature: Once you optimize the apps, you’ll be less greedy be it with battery, processor and storage of course. The optimization does not collect any personal information, such as email address, username, or the content on the smartphone. Google only collects useful data to speed up app launch.

Google is currently testing this optimization feature with Play Store release 24.9.19-21. Currently, the option has been offered to a small number of users. But the advantages are so great that Google has every reason to spread it widely.

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