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Quebec exports drop in September

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Quebec’s international exports of merchandise fell 4.6% last September, compared to the previous month.

According to data released by the Statistics Institute of Quebec (ISQ) on Thursday, the products contributing to the decline were aircraft (- 50.6%), primary forms and semi-finished products from the group of metals gold, silver, platinum and their alloys (- 57.0%), transportation equipment Others (- 48.8%), as well as diesel and biodiesel (- 24.6%).

Conversely, exports that saw increases in September were iron ores and concentrates (+43.2%), pharmaceutical and medical products (+21.8%), primary forms and products, semi-finished metals and non-ferrous metal alloys (+50.1%), as well as Copper ores and concentrates, of which August imports were minimal.

However, ISQ notes that during the first nine months of 2021, Quebec’s international merchandise exports rose 3.7% compared to the same months in 2020.

decrease in imports

At the same time, Quebec’s international imports of goods fell 13.1% last September, compared to the previous month.

Products that contributed to this decline were conventional crude oil (- 33.7%), copper and crude copper alloys (- 81.7%), automobiles and their chassis (- 37.6%), as well as motor gasoline (- 28.7%).

In contrast, September imports increased significantly for a few products with negligible imports for August, such as ships, lead and zinc ores and concentrates, diesel and biodiesel. To this group are added imports of coke, a fuel obtained by pyrolysis of coal and other coke oven products (+ 148.8%).

During the first nine months of the year, international merchandise imports from Quebec registered a 12% increase compared to the same months of 2020.

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in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, Canadian merchandise exports decreased 3.4% in September compared to August 2021, as well as imports decreased 4.8%.

In the first nine months of 2021, compared to the same period the previous year, Canada’s merchandise exports rose 2.6%, and imports rose 10.8%.

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