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Syer also achieved Olympic level on Saturday, finishing 11th in the 15km classic with a time of 34 minutes 9/100. The next day, the 23-year-old from Gatineau finished 12th in the 15km freestyle race.

It’s huge,” Sir told Radio Canada Sports. Roca’s first World Cup weekend has always been very high in caliber. This often dictates a large portion of the rest of the season to Scandinavia and Europe. Everyone is at their peak. This year, we showed that we can do the same […] We have performed beyond our expectations and those of our association.

The disruption to the competition schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made it somewhat difficult to assess his progress over the past two years. So Ser was surprised by his clothes in Rocca.

As an athlete, it’s always hard to know where you stand when you don’t have a lot of opportunities to race internationally. Last year I had some chances at the World Cup, I learned a lot and gained experience. Coming back to the ring and finishing eleventh and twelfth, it’s really excellent and a catalyst for the future.

Amazing Beginnings

For his part, Olivier Levier was making his first appearance in the World Cup. The 20-year-old Sherbrooke resident did not allow himself to be imposed on him and scored an astonishing 17th place in the chase.

Although he showed great things last year by taking a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships, few would have expected such a start to his World Cup career.

In his case, it feels like leaving the American League and moving to the National Hockey League. There is a big “a step“to doCoach Louis Bouchard, who works with Cyr and Léveillé at Pierre-Harvey National Training Center, said in a video.

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There was very little competition during COVID-19. We see them all the time in training and can’t wait to see how they progress. It’s a very nice surprise, but it’s also very good newsBouchard continued on his charges.

Olivier Levier

Photo: Nordic Canada

After making two of the top 30 at the World Cup last season, his first on the international circuit, Antoine Serr trained hard this summer to be able to break into the top 20. It has already been achieved.

There, we have clues and times, and of course we have to review the goals in relation to what has been set, Bouchard continued. There, we no longer know where we are.

Cyr and Léveillé have already proven themselves as leaders of the next generation of Canadian skaters. Jill was quick to prove himself after Alex Harvey retired.

We knew there would be a little emptiness [après le départ d’Harvey], but on the masculine side, it can be much shorter than people think. We knew we had the next generation of men. After that, you can only hope for the results to prove it. That’s kind of what’s going on right nowBouchard emphasized that he was very confident about the rest.

On the men’s part, in cross-country skiing we can hope to be a force again in a year or two, led by Olivier and Antoine.

No contribution by Alex Harvey

Even retired, Alex Harvey is not far from the National Training Center. And he is no stranger to the success that young skiers are currently experiencing in Quebec.

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We are a little gang in Mont-Sainte-Anne, said Bouchard. Last year all competitions in Canada were canceled. So I made an inner circle of competitions, in a bubble, with the quarterbacks and we integrated Alex. Participate in almost 75% of the events just to come and motivate the youth and give them advice. I also, as a coach, allowed me to see where the athletes are a little better.

Alex Harvey also hooked up with Antoine Serre on Saturday, after the best performance of his career at the World Cup fell with his 11th place in the 15km classic.

Alex is passionate about cross-country skiing. He looks at the results and the races like we did when he was racing in EuropeSir said.

He has been my idol for a long time and is now a friend and teacher. He’s one of the greats in our sport and he really is cheerful to see her. He is easily accessible, we can talk to him and get tips and advice about the upcoming World Cup weekend. He spent a lot of time in the ring. He knows all these little things. We definitely use it to the fullest.

Antoine Serre and Olivier Louvier will be at the Lillehammer World Cup next weekend in Norway.

(With information from Guillaume Piedboeuf)

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