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Quebec on its knees in front of Netflix

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Do the people of Quebec, these old people, want to be spared the “barbarian invasions” of the digital giants? Let me doubt that.

Alain Solnier, a well-known voice on Radio Canada, a prominent journalist who became a teacher of communications at the University of Montreal, just published digital barbariansan article showing how vulnerable our cultural production is to the digital giants who have stormed the scene without responding to the control mechanisms designed for television or radio.

My colleague Sarah Emily Nolte spoke with such a clear guy that I totally agree…except for one point: I’m not sure Quebecers really want to resist such invaders as Netflix, Prime, AppleTV+ and Disney+.

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soft side

Yes, I wonder, Mr. Saulnier, if the people of Quebec, having become collectively unconscious, really want to strengthen their culture.

Artists, singers, directors, actors and especially our staff go to great lengths to glorify joules, coronations, and evangelisms. “Tabarnak”, and jokesThe melodiesThe HazarThe OffersThe trainingmake our daily food indigestible and anemic.

This relaxation, this softening, this soft ideology become institutionalized. Even at Great Sunday Night Mass on Radio Canada, we’re spouting bullshit. Here we are intellectually powerless to resist the daring barbarians of the digital world… before whom we risk staying on our knees.


We shouldn’t be surprised if the new woman responsible for a federal bilingual file, Jennette Petitbas-Taylor, with her supposed “horse medicine” given the day before yesterday, finds herself in the water.

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She’s worried about the decline of the French language, but…nothing for the Legault whose Law 101 won’t apply to federal civil servants residing in Quebec. We will install Air Canada and CN on the joints. However, companies with 50 or fewer employees, no signage, and no company names will be touched upon. Because we know very well that in this case, too, the people of Quebec will remain on their knees.

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