Quebec Solidere presents a candidate in Rene Levesque

The literature teacher at the Cégep de Baie-Comeau has been living in the region since 2019. She is particularly involved with the Recréer la Côte, as organizer and host of literary events.

The Solidarity candidate is also a board member of Cultural Editorial. Her involvement in this place of dissemination of the arts is indicative, in her opinion, of her connection to the promotion of culture.

Education, the environment, the rights of indigenous communities, the integration of newcomers, and feminism are all issues that you would like to bring to Quebec.

As part of the campaign, Audrey Giverne Herrocks intends to put forward the development of the North Coast, particularly by opening up the area.

It is necessary to popularize progressive ideas and defend the interests of the region at the national level.argued in a press release.

break the ice

Audrey Giverne Herrocks is the first female candidate to officially run to ride René Levesque in the October 3 election.

Outgoing PQ member, Martin Ouellet, has not clearly stated his intentions. He is still considering whether he will run for a third term.

Nor have the Avenir Quebec coalition and the Liberal Party announced a candidate for this ride on the West North Shore.

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