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Quebecer Louis Irving takes bronze in acrobatic jumps

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Irving of Quebec City scored 118.14 points in the Super Final for his back-jump by four laps, including two in the second revolution.

It’s my persistence that makes the difference and I’m really happy with the result. I have followed the game plan throughout the day like I do in training and it’s really satisfying to be able to replicate it in competitionHe said after his competition.

The 25-year-old vault received 8.10 points for the winner, Maxim Borov, and 6.29 points for his compatriot Stanislav Nikitin.

It was Irving’s second podium of the season, after finishing third in Yaroslavl, Russia on January 17th.

The [Burov] Far from being cast out […] I have to be more aggressive for speed and capacity. I know I can beat him and we’ll continue with the same game planIrving, who now owns five World Cup winning podiums, added.

Quebecers Miha Fontaine and Emile Nadeau also shone through a hole Top 10, And completed 8 and 9, respectively.

Among the ladies, Quebec Marion Thienault had the least luck. She had to settle for eighth in Rabici.

Last week, Sherbrooke won the bronze medal at the World Cup in Russia.

And the American contestant winner Megan Nick is ahead of Australian Laura Bell and American Winter Finnicky.

The other Quebec jumpers, Flavy Omond and Justin Alli, finished 16th and 27th, respectively.

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