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Trump’s lawyers drop his defense in an impeachment trial

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(Washington) CNN and other US media reported on Saturday that several of former US President Donald Trump’s lawyers surrendered to his defense days before his impeachment trial.

France Media

The TV station, citing unnamed sources, said five lawyers, including two believed to lead the billionaire’s New York attorney team, have given up on his defense after disagreements over how to proceed.

CNN said Trump wanted his attorneys to continue discussing the thesis of the massive presidential fraud that led to Democrat Joe Biden winning, rather than focusing on the legality of trying a president who is no longer in office, adding that the former president was. Reluctant to discuss it.

The channel and other media reported that the resigning lawyers included Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who would have led the Donald’s defense team.

“We have worked a lot, but we haven’t made a final decision on our legal team yet, and we will do so soon,” said Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller on Twitter in response to the press information.

Donald Trump’s trial, charged with “incitement to revolt,” is set to begin after the former president’s supporters occupied the Capitol on January 6, on February 9.

But with only five Republicans ready to join 50 Democratic senators in considering a proceeding with the trial, it is unlikely that the two-thirds majority needed to proceed will be reached, that is, the 67 members of the Senate.

The vote on the censure motion, the less severe, requires a vote of at least ten Republican senators for a chance to adopt it, which some consider possible.

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