Friday, April 19, 2024

Quebecers want to party!

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Once the epidemic is over, many Quebecers will undoubtedly gather at a bar to celebrate.

At least that’s what a Scotiabank poll shows that a third (33%) of respondents are enthusiastic about the party.

The other activity that Quebecers miss the most (22%) is going to restaurants. 9% of people give priority to air travel and 7% to shopping.

Outdoors (6%), cinema (5%) and the gym (4%) are at the bottom of the list.

This investigation also shows that half of Quebecers have saved money this year, notes Genevieve Bruyer, Regional Vice President of Scotiabank.

“We learned that one in two Quebecers, during this period of the epidemic, has saved the epidemic more than it has been before. (…) We learned in this survey that out of that 50%, there are 50% who say they will be able To maintain these habits as soon as the new normal arrives, “he explains.

But returning to this normal state will also lead to a resumption of activities. Should we fear the debt spiral?

“We can, actually. But I think with the habits that we have created during this pandemic, we realized that it was possible [de continuer à épargner]. We know we can rediscover some of our habits while maintaining certain levels of savings, ”says Mr. Bruyer.

Encouraging signs: A quarter of Quebecers also indicate they want to keep an emergency fund in the future to provide a pillow, and more than a third say they want a budget, notes Genevieve Bruyer.

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