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Who are these fish that draw crop circles?

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“Monsters of science”It’s like a bunch of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also, in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the world’s treasures. In this new episode, let’s go to Japan and dive into meeting an unexpected artist: tetrodon, the hilarious pufferfish.

The Torquigener albomaculosusIt’s a type of tetrodon. Funny name. That of Poisson Somewhat surprising. It lives off the coast of Japan. It is a puffer fish. Who swell to escape their predators. From the same group as Famous fugu Which the Japanese like to put on their dishes even though it has the potential to release a deadly toxin.

But back to our tetrodon. Because what interests us today are the drawings that he paints at the bottom of the water, on Sable. True underwater artworks. Here is a furrow. There are small dunes. All by swimming a little to the side. Especially by wriggling a lot. Of sand Colors Based on Textures Different. Not forgetting to add here and there some little shells that our charming little fish previously crushed to turn into crumbs.

To get a good idea of ​​it, think about Crop circlesThese circles are drawn agriculture in the fields Grain And that some attribute it to the achievements of extraterrestrials. Often they are made for artistic purposes. Or sometimes, for advertising purposes. It is also a small target of our blowfish, which is Torquigener albomaculosus.

The seduction game

Oh! Of course, he is not trying to attract potential clients. Thanks to these drawings, what he wishes is success in seducing his beauty! He does not skimp on the means. His underwater sculptures can be over two meters in diameter. to Small fish Less than twelve centimeters long, nothing anyway. Moreover, he can dedicate up to nine days of his time to this.

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You are wondering how Researchers You know all of that? Simply because they were able to monitor tetrodons in action during the monitoring mission. Then they tell that once the job is done, the lady comes to walk over Crop circles the master. If the business satisfies her, she agrees to marry. But the story does not end here. Because it is also at the center of those Crop circles That will come Madame She lays her eggs. Leave it to the master to fertilize it. Then, to guard them for a few days. When they hatch, the young fish will be able to freely feed on the fragments of the shell deposited there by their parent.

If you think Madame is once again attracted to him “All that glitters”Think again. Because even if the researchers still do not know the exact criteria on which to base their selection, they believe that their interest is obsessed with the fine sand that is the center of Crop circles It is through the efficiency with which these sculptures will be able to slow the circulation of water around their eggs. What prevents them from being dispersed before they are fertilized. Thus, the success of the master in love ultimately depends on his talents as an architect. About how he was able to prepare a warm nest for his offspring … Not that stupid, tetrodon.

And you know what? In August 2020, The researchers reported Find out what’s new Crop circles Submarines. On the Australian side this time. To find out which fish is the author, we will have to wait a little longer. Because he has yet to be identified.

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