Radio Canada – Once Over the Woods – Fred Pellerin shares the nature that inspires him

Once Over the Woods, 4-episode 60-minute series, Fred Pellerin shares the nature that inspired him from the winter of 2023

In his next series, the storyteller Fred Bellerin He invites us into the woods, to Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, to explore nature as he does alone. Through Fred’s attentive gaze, we discover with him the language of trees, plants, animals, and the colorful people who meet there. There was a forest will count 4 episodes every 60 minutes Which will be broadcast in the winter of 2023 days Here is the TV.

The series invites us to look at different aspects of Fred’s land: the lake, the woodlands, the nourishing jungle, and the season of sweetening. Fred’s friends and many zoologists and botanists also come to share their passion and knowledge with Fred, so that he learns to tame and care for her, so that she remains healthy for generations to come.

There was a forestA meeting in nature and poetry, as a gift this winter Here is the TV.

Screenplay: Fred Bellerin and Patricia Beaulieu
Directed by: Patricia Beaulieu
Director of Photography: Frederic Guin
Production: Micheline Sarrazin II inc.


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