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Rafael Harvey Benard says he is fit to play in the NHL

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Every year at NHL training camps, there are a few surprises. Fans fall in love with a particular player or guy, and it’s great to tell that player’s story afterwards.

Right now, we have a chance to participate in this type of event with a Quebecer who meets at Camp CH, Raphael Harvey Benard. The young man is impressed not only by what he has accomplished on the ice, but also by the attitude he shows to the ice and to the media.

He always has a smile on his face and doesn’t seem to have anything, qualities that Montreal Canadiens fans have always loved.

Through his Twitter account, Anthony Martino posted a little poll yesterday morning asking fans to tell him who their favorites have been since the start of bootcamp.. see me coming…

A large part of the participants responded that they were very surprised and happy for Rafael and that he was the most they liked to follow since the team started its activities only a few days ago.

TVA Sports did not miss the opportunity to tell him and throw flowers at him at a press conference yesterday.

“Of course it’s really fun. I try not to change my identity on the ice. You still want your fans to like you and I have to say it’s good to hear that […] If I compare myself to the players we faced yesterday, I know I’m good enough to compete. But in the end, it’s the organization that decides and I’ll play where it tells me. – RHP

The main person is full of confidence and that’s what makes him a good hockey player. He knows he can compete with players in the NHL by pointing out the game he played against the Sens two days ago. A match in which he was very good, according to many.

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If he works as hard as he has since arriving at CH, it won’t be long before we see him play a game under the team’s “blue, white, and red” colors.

The young man’s quote was collected from this TVA Sports article:

I was talking about this a little earlier, but it’s very hard not to admire what he does on the ice. I’m not the only one who said this, but the kid has a lot of similarities to a player you might know a little bit, Brendan Gallagher.

The two look like real bulls on the ice, and not everyone can play this style of play. Hardworking, tiring, joking… that’s probably what other teams he’s faced in recent years think of.

Harvey-Pinard has what it takes to become a crowd favorite in Montreal and you shouldn’t be surprised if this scenario happens in the near future. All that remains is to know when he will have the chance to live out his childhood dream and wear a flannel jacket for the first time in his young career.

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