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“Rappers Poets!” – Pierre-Yves Lord

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Musical diversity on screen

Lord Pierre Yves was a happy and enthusiastic person who introduced himself in Everyone is talking about it To talk about The end of the weak, The rap competition that will be launched on Télé-Québec from March 1.

Rappers are poets! It is street poetry. For me, it’s a triumph to have this prime time show on Télé-Québec. […] These are the people who have something to say. A word that is sometimes a little strong, but it is necessary. Not all young singers dream of dueting with Serge Lama or singing Starmania.

Pierre Yves Lord

Rappers, witnesses of their era

Pierre Yves Lord pays tribute to rap music by emphasizing its originality, the spirit of cooperation that pervades the country, and its direct connection to the street.

I think rappers are witnesses of their era. I love rappers. When I travel, I like to talk to a rapper, I think you are right. He will tell you what is happening on the street. He will sometimes have a news wear show. He doesn’t wear white gloves to talk to you about his feelings, so you often spend the best evenings with him.

Pierre Yves Lord

Rap, a sophisticated genre

Aside from the rough and negative side of rap, various forms have emerged in recent years: feminist rap, for example.

There is everything. There is a feminist rapper. There are some misogynistic stereotypes of ’90s and recent rap, too. I listen to Mary Gould, I listen to the calamine of this world. The world changes, gets more feminine, gets involved, that’s fine.

Pierre Yves Lord

Inequality concerns everyone

Like many people, Pierre Yves Lord was overwhelmed by the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd.

It is unfair for minorities to think about racism. It’s not fair for homosexuals to think of homophobia. […] At some point, the majority must question what place the minority occupies. Each has its own way of expressing anger, and each has its own way of activation. […] Me, my way is to share the things that touch me on Facebook.

Pierre Yves Lord
Host Pierre Yves Lord Photo: Sphère Média

Think before you speak

Pierre Yves recalls that some topics and situations require a reflection, not a heated reaction.

I don’t know if I am gay, but my attitudes are evolving. This means that I, sometimes, cannot form a well-formulated opinion the day after an event. What do you think that? I do not know him. I need to mature, I need insightful discussions, to share and understand.

Pierre Yves Lord

New king fool?

At the end of the interview, Danny Torkotte reminded Pierre-Yves Lord that it was a little thanks Everyone is talking about it If contacted to co-host Two golden men :

Danny: She follows your way to Everyone is talking about it, In 2017, you were contacted about that. What are you looking forward to this year, the news?

Pierre Yves: The King’s Fool. Message launched!

Watch the interview:

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