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Donald Trump calls on the Republicans to turn against Mitch McConnell

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(Washington) Donald Trump on Tuesday fatigued Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, calling on his party to turn its back on the veteran congressman, who has publicly accused the former US president of being “responsible” for the deadly attack on the Capitol.

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So far, very conservative since he left the White House on the 45thH Thus the President of the United States declares open war with this brilliant strategist who has been his long-time ally, a symbolic divorce of the divisions that are now tearing Republicans apart.

“Mitch is a stuffy, sullen politician who never smiles, and if the Republican senators stay with him, they won’t win anymore,” the former president wrote in a scathing statement.

And he insisted that “the Republican Party can never be respected or have power with political leaders like Mitch McConnell at its head.”

“Now, his numbers” in the polls “are lower than ever,” says Donald Trump. “He is destroying the Republican side in the Senate, and at the same time, he’s doing terrible damage to our country.”

In yet another mind-boggling attack, the real estate mogul claims McConnell “has no credibility in China because of his family’s big Chinese business interests.”

Taiwanese Senator Eileen Chau’s wife served as Secretary of Transportation under Donald Trump for nearly four years.

She had been targeted in September 2019 by a parliamentary inquiry, on suspicion that she had used her position to advance the interests of her family’s shipping company, particularly the Chinese government.

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The minister announced her resignation the day after the attack on the Capitol building on January 6, citing this “shocking event, which could be completely avoided”, to explain her departure.

Mitch McConnell, 78, voted on Saturday to acquit the Republican billionaire at his Senate trial, saying the Senate had no jurisdiction over his trial. But during this process, he declared that he was “actually and morally responsible” for the attack on the Capitol building, which left five people dead.

He emphasized that the rioters acted “because the most powerful man on earth has fed them with lies”, rejecting his defeat in the presidential elections on 3 November.

And in the same bleak speech, he made sure to emphasize that Donald Trump, now a “simple citizen,” could still be sued.

He is still responsible for everything he did while in office. He hasn’t run away from anything yet.

Senators had a majority – 57 out of 100 – to vote for the billionaire’s conviction. Including, in particular, seven Republicans. But it would have taken two-thirds of the Senators (67 votes) to reach a guilty verdict, which would have been followed by a ruling of disqualification for Donald Trump.

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