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After a long struggle against disease, Algerian artist, singer and producer, Rim Ghazali, passed away forever, yesterday at the beginning of the day, in Paris. The news fell like a helicopter on social media, and moments later, her sister Salma confirmed it on Instagram. And in a short video clip, while she was crying, she announced the disappearance of her younger sister. The Algerian deer left a few minutes ago. May God bless you with his holy mercy, my dear Reem.

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I cannot stop smiling because I know that God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, chose the best for you. She said in essence. In 2019, the deceased announced that she had brain cancer and had undergone surgery in France. Very conservative, the artist spoke a little about his illness. She had moved away from the art scene and the media world to fully devote herself to her recovery and her family.

Early in her career, the young woman distinguished herself through “Star Académie Arabia”, the Lebanese version of the popular French telecrochet program. This participation launched her artistic career and made her known to the general public in the Arab world. She links TV appearances with performances and interviews. But unlike many artists who pack their bags as soon as recognition comes, he chooses to stay in Algeria and share his art with his fans.

Between song, television and production, she was a real career that wasn’t afraid to take risks, even in the midst of controversy. In this regard, her series Boukron, which she co-wrote with Zahra Al-Ajami and produced for Al-Shorouk channel in 2018, was criticized for its content. Al-Ghazali will defend his work with his teeth and nails while regretting the low hits that are undermining the region.

After announcing her disappearance, many of those who knew her wanted to pay her a final honor. Director Bashir Drees, in a post he posted on his Facebook page, remembers her as a “diligent and ambitious” young woman. “I got to know Reem around 2004-2005, she worked with me as a production assistant. She must have been between 20 and 21 years old, she was a kind girl, hard-working and ambitious.”

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After 15 years, she came to see me in my office whenever she needed advice or anything else. ”And to add on her entry into the world of television:“ When I started producing, in recent years, stories of jealousy, competition, and other trivialities, she was not spared by the unhealthy circles of the press, television and audio. Audiovisual. It went through very complicated times, was very tense and forced to resist the critics by all means. ”

It is reported that today the remains of Rim Ghazali will be returned from France to Houari Boumediene airport. He will be buried today in the Zeralda cemetery, where his family resides.

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