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Removing the haze of mystery from restaurants and festivals

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Finally, the haze of uncertainty covered festivals, bars, restaurants and theaters. Summer promises to be festive, according to the deconstruction plan unveiled by Quebec Tuesday, although many unanswered questions remain.

“A ghost may” still be wandering, but “we finally know where we’re headed,” says Melanie Blanchett, owner of Bouillon Bilk and Cadet restaurants in downtown Montreal.

With no balconies in her businesses, she sighed in relief when she heard the prime minister Francois Legault. “I am glad that the orange zone means opening dining rooms and that it can be done soon, as the balcony option is not viable for us.”

For his part, Erik to Francois, vice president of the New Association of Bars of Quebec (NABQ), welcomed the government’s plan with a touch of skepticism. “I wish I had the schedule two months ago,” he says, “but under the circumstances, this schedule satisfies us.”

This progressive plan allows above all to restart its business at a good pace, Drinkerie Sainte-Cunégonde and Social bar, in Montreal. “It gives a little hope and allows you to open up quietly rather than quickly, and reconnect with our staff.”

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The decision to only open the stands first, left the owner speechless. What do you do with clients while they shower? Asking himself. “You have to use common sense. At that time, people will be able to take refuge inside,” said Horacio Arruda, National Director of Public Health, who was alongside Mr. Lego.

“It’s not really easy, but it’s a start,” Eric sighs to Francois. After nine months of closing, we will take what we have now. “

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A summer of festivals

From June 25, festivals as well as outdoor stands and stadiums will be able to hold up to 2,500 people at the same time. “I think no one expects such a high number,” she drops after Patrick Kearney’s press conference, for the Independent Regional Art Festivals (REFRAIN) gathering.

The catch is that this number should be divided into subgroups of 250 people. So the summer of festivals presents itself as a mystery to be solved. Festival-goers should expect the emergence of “contiguous areas,” suggests Patrick Kearney. “Each area has its own toilet, and its own bar service” to prevent revelers from “frequently violating sanitary procedures.”

In their opinion, everyone will find the right formula.

For example, the Festif de Baie-Saint-Paul will increase the number of performance venues, suggests Patrick Kearney. ” [Les organisateurs] You will explode in the city, even in very remote places. So when you leave a show, you go to dinner, or you go to the campsite. We will not be tempted to reunite with our cousin or boyfriend who will walk out of another show. “

The distance can also be temporary, as is the case at the Tadoussac Song Festival, where organizers plan to extend their programs over ten days.

Martin Roy of the Regroupement des affaires Big International argues that “festivals or activities of the touring type, festivals with allotted seats” would also be invited to the party. He said that the sites will also increase the number of entrances and exits “to prevent crowds from the festival goers.”

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“The world will be happy to be there,” says Patrick Kearney, “It’s been a long time since shows and festivals have been held.”


The dismantling schedule also satisfies the county’s theater owners, although the vast majority of them have already resumed their activities, “including in the red,” comments David LaFriere, president of the professional association. Presenters (RIDEAU).

On the other hand, “lifting the curfew is a big thing. It is appreciated, it was expected.” But on the other hand, there is uncertainty in the details. What will happen to the size of the bubbles? Will wearing the mask last for a long time? Will the bars in theaters reopen? Lots of questions that hall owners are currently asking themselves.

Nevertheless, “the elephant in the room” remains the passport of the vaccine, according to David LaFriere. On this subject, the “thinking has not ended” referred to during the press conference, ds Horacio Arruda.

It also remains to convince the public to buy tickets a few weeks in advance, a habit that has become “unnatural after several months” of the health crisis, notes David LaFriere. But in this regard, he confirms that confidence prevails, as the cultural weaning of the people of Quebec has become tangible.

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