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Pitcher Spencer Turnbull scored the fifth goal of the season in Major League Baseball when the Detroit Tigers defeated the Seattle Mariners 5-0 Tuesday evening at T-Mobile Park.

The 28-year-old right-handed player finished the match with just nine strokes and twice, with a total of 117 shots, including 77 shots. After he gave up two careers, he encouraged Mitch Hanniger to make history.

This is the eighth game without any point or hit in Tigers’ history and the first since 2011, when Justin Verlander achieved the feat.

“All evening, I told myself that I would not be afraid to shoot my shots. I would not question filming options or fear anything.” That day’s hero explained to MLB.com.

This is the second time this season that Gunner has scored a goalless match against Seattle: John Means, of the Baltimore Orioles, gagged Mariners’ hitters on May 5. It is also the fifth major achievement of its kind in the league this year.

Turnbull suffered a total of 17 losses in the 2019 campaign, the highest loss in Major League Baseball.

Wonderful response

Strangely, some of the Tigers’ fans sitting in the ranks behind the team’s bunker shouted at the gunner early in the match. Turnbull (2-3) certainly responded to them in an unforgettable way.

“I finished the first round and they seemed surprised to see that I was the man throwing tonight. […] They mentioned that I was playing a match without a point or hitting. However, after one set, I only had three teams. I thought to myself: Okay then.

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As is often the case in this type of special game, the gunner was able to count on the help of his teammates in defense. Late in the seventh inning, third base captain Khimer Candelario kept his thrower record intact when he ejected Hanniger with a long throw from along the spoiled streak.

“We can all see it a little bit coming, especially after Kandy played Hanniger,” added Tigers manager AG Hench. The famous silence began on this issue in the shelter and we were only beginning to count the withdrawals. “

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