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[Reportage] Film from Quebec about Latin American immigrants in the race for the Oscars

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For Jorge Antonio Guerrero and Marco Ledezma, the thirst for adventure and the passion to follow the dreams of the characters they play is what convinced them to take part in this wonderful production.

drunk birdsDirected by Ivan Gerbovich and co-written with Sarah Mishara, he was selected by the All-Canada Committee chaired and directed by Telefilm Canada to represent the country in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Film.

Marco Ledesma (right) and Jorge Antonio Guerrero play two Mexican immigrants who work on a farm near Montreal in Ivan Grubevich’s “Fermented Birds.” Jorge Antonio Guerrero plays the main character Willy.

Photo: Radio Canada International / Paloma Martinez Mendes

Willy’s passion is so strong that it forces him to leave everything behind in search of something else. Migration is an experience that enables transformation. I believe that you do not leave your home out of necessity, and behind it lies the archetype of adventure and the hero that we all carry within us. I think that’s what struck me most about this story: Willie’s passion.

Jorge Antonio Guerrero, movie actor Drunk birds

This actor became known in the small circle of world cinema for his interpretation of Fermin, the friend of the film hero. Rome Alfonso Cuaron won the Academy Award for Best Director, Best Foreign Film and Best Cinematography.

Young man in the rain, close-up.

In an interview with Radio Canada International, Jorge Antonio Guerrero said it was a pleasant surprise and a great pride to learn that Canada had chosen “The Drunken Birds” to represent the country at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the Academy Awards. The actor says he is happy with the whole cast, who deserve it, but especially to his director and screenwriter Ivan Grubevich and his co-screenwriter Sarah Mishara.

Photo: Opal Films

Jorge Antonio Guerrero appreciates that you photograph drunk birds Magical because it addresses universal themes such as love and will that greet all human beings with the reality of migrant agricultural workers as a backdrop.

This movie is about the “point of no return” that is reached when something wears out. Routine, love, need. Lots of situations that push a person to want to change his life. And putting the camera there helps free us from misunderstandings and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for the same thing no matter what border you have to cross, whether it’s within a country or within yourself. Travel is essential, which is why I feel so lucky to be involved in this film, to be able to tell this story of travel and passion.

Jorge Antonio Guerrero, movie actor drunk birds

The dream has become a reality after putting in a lot of effort

Photo of Marco Ledesma at the movie premiere.

For Mexican actor Marco Ledesma, who has lived in Montreal since 1992, this designation is like a dream, but not by chance.

Photo: Radio Canada International / Paloma Martinez Mendes

What happens with this movie applies to everything. When you have a dream, you have to keep working to achieve it because, little by little, you are getting closer to it. We immigrants should stop apologizing and take our place. Let’s move forward to integrate, embrace what we love about this country, and share. This means a lot of work, but the secret to me is to make it feel like a game. Life is a game that we can win and enjoy.

Marco Ledesma, film actor drunk birds

One distribution, one family

Pictured are the film's cast and crew

During the filming, there was no separation between the Latin and Quebec actors. “We were family,” says Marco Ledesma.

Photo: Radio Canada International / Paloma Martinez Mendes

Since his arrival in Canada, Marco Ledesma has participated in many film and television productions. Many of them have won prizes at major festivals around the world. However, for him, his work in drunk birds It was an experience health inclusion.

The main characters, played by several Quebec actors, were never the same bosses as they were in the movie. They were friends, companions, colleagues who included us as if we were family. The story of Willie, who comes to find his love, leads us into a family drama, but also deals with the issue of immigrants working on a farm in Quebec. Without causing controversy, because I don’t think that’s the point. So we were family during filming. Once, at the end of a working day, we played soccer and that’s when we split up, Latinos against Quebec!

Marco Ledesma, film actor Drunk birds

For this actor, there is a scene in the movie that sets out the director’s message. An important moment where Willy, the main character played by Jorge Antonio Guerrero, demonstrates the humanity we have when we expect nothing in return.Explained by Marco Ledesma.

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Mineby M.Ledezma, This is the gist of the movie. We are all human and we are all capable of the bestConcludes.

unknown migration

film director drunk birdsIvan Gerbovich says the story came to him by chance in 2005. While driving through the fog in Saint-Rémy, a small farming village near Montreal, he saw dozens of Mexicans lining up in front of a bank.

The picture was poetic, interesting and unrealistic. like a dream. At the time, I didn’t know Canada was hiring foreign workers for the agricultural season.

Ivan Gerbovich, director of the film drunk birds

It was this initial feeling of amazement that inspired this film project, the director says. The first version of the script dates back to 2010.

Sarah Mishara, for her part, was inspired by the story after reading the first version, and the later versions were four-handed, says Ivan Grubevich.

Official poster for the movie Zoom Picture (A new window)

The official poster for The Drunken Birds movie.

Photo: Opal Films

This film is produced by micro_scope in association with Pimienta Films [les producteurs du film Roma, NDLR]. Les Films Opale handles distribution in Canada.

drunk birds It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 13, followed by the New Montreal Film Festival (FNCM) on October 12. The film is currently showing in several theaters in Quebec.

Note: This report is also available in Spanish

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