Returned to Canada after illegally crossing the US border

Seven people who arrived from Canada were quickly pushed back to square one after trying to illegally cross the US border through private property in northern Vermont.

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Customs and Customs said in a statement Thursday that individuals attempted to cross the border by car, passing the Haskell Free Library Park in Derby Line County. Arriving at high speed, they almost hit another vehicle.

They were then caught by Border Patrol agents, who discovered that the occupiers, from Canada, France and Romania, had no legal status to be in the United States. So they were sent back to Canada.

“Using a combination of surveillance, intelligence and manpower technologies, vigilant officers were able to intercept the vehicle to prevent it from continuing on its way to the United States,” said patrol chief Robert Garcia.

The Haskell Free Library, which served as an entry point, was also deliberately built on the Canada-US border in 1901, in order to meet the needs of both communities, read on its website.

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