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Revival of Bucketville Entertainment Center

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Five years ago, manager Andre Binet and his team took matters into their own hands

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André Binet is Director of the Center des loisirs de Paquetville

Photo: Radio Canada / Rene Landry

It was a matter of time, remembers Andre Binet. The center has been put up for sale. The electricity and the phone were about to go out. We are in debt. Today we have no more debt. There are only current accounts payable. »

It is a success.

Quote from:André Binet, Director of Bucketville Recreation Center

Paving a huge parking lot

Recreation center car park paving is in progress. It is without a doubt one of the largest parking spots on Bucketville Corner. This work will cost about $ 175,000.

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Extra Large Car Park at Bucketville Entertainment Center

Photo: Radio Canada / Rene Landry

We’re in the process of paving because it has become really dangerous for pedestrians, explains the director. There were cracks everywhere.

This land, which has seen all the colors, has never been ased again for a long timeAndre Binet confirms.

The Loisirs Center has been in Bucketville’s heyday since the early 1970s, where bowling and darts tournaments, bingo, weddings, dance evenings, and some epic brawls feature its history.

Ace of Hearts chase series

But how the hell did this precarious financial situation turn into a success?

Answer: A series of quests for the Ace of Hearts, this popular card that continues to excite. Profits from this activity are specially used to give new life to the centre.

It’s thanks to the ace chaseSimply says the manager. Eight ace hunts have been made over the past five years. There is another one happening these days.

The situation turned out to be a dime a dozen.

Quote from:André Binet, Director of Bucketville Recreation Center

We have our regulars, He said. They come to buy tickets and the big package for $20. This is their way of supporting the “loitering center”.

Heat pumps and bowling alley

Business is not limited to parking. Five heat pumps have been installed in the building.

We have made many changes. The floors and walls were rebuilt. We are waiting for the materials for the seats. The epidemic did not stop usAndre Binet confirms.

cake effects

Managers and volunteers felt a little despair when they saw tire tracks on cold asphalt on Tuesday.

There is someone who came to make Spins and the u turnsAnd tell the manager. It damages the first layer of asphalt. But it was fixed with the second layer.

You have to believe they were very itchyAndre Binet laughs, talking about fans of noisy tires who did not wait until paving work was done to achieve their “business”.

Workers at work near the street.view larger image (A new window)

The work in progress at the entertainment center does not go unnoticed in Bucketville.

Photo: Radio Canada / Rene Landry

But the officials of the entertainment center are far from allowing themselves to be defeated by such gestures.

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We have other projects, confirms to the director. The interior of the building must be repainted. If all goes well, bowling tournaments are expected to resume operations at the end of September.

Looking at the people in charge of Bucketville Recreation Center, one can conclude that they were the ones “who left yarn “, as they say.

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