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Riders Republic: Exhilarating game!

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Five years later declineUbisoft returns to winter sports with Republic of RidersA new, more generous, more polished offering, and in every way more satisfying. This will help ski or snowboard enthusiasts wait until the first snow falls.

Let’s start with a confession. The author of these lines was not particularly fond of sports. Therefore, it is in a somewhat unknown land Newspaper This test started from Republic of Riders, a new version of Ubisoft Studio launched a week ago.

First note: You don’t have to be a beginner to master the basics, and that’s very fast. Because here we plunge right into the heat of the movement, rushing down the snow-covered slopes, first on a mountain bike, and then with both feet firmly attached to skis or on ice. later wearing suit (A group that allows you to fly in the air) We will explore this open world full of challenges and quests of all kinds.

amazing realism

hypothesis Republic of Riders ? We slip into the skin of a young man racer Who is looking for a name for himself in the world of extreme sports. Over the course of the competitions, you gain experience and various skills that allow you to advance in the game with cool acrobatics.

Nothing revolutionary here, but it works really well. The speed, which is surprisingly displayed on the screen, is exhilarating and the landscapes with amazing realism. We have spent many hours exploring this immersive and highly detailed open world without stopping to be amazed. Visually, it is beautiful. Very beautiful, even.

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On the other hand, we can change the location – from snow-capped mountains to barren canyons – everything becomes redundant after a few hours. We feel Ubisoft’s real desire to revitalize and rejuvenate the experience along the way, but all of that goodwill only works sometimes. Jazz path.

Another small downside? At the beginning of the game, Republic of Riders Gives players the ability to customize racerEither in kind or in physical appearance. However, the options available to us are very primitive, and their introduction often leaves much to be desired. In short, while some games have kept us invested for too long (sometimes too) in creating the hero of our dreams, here we gave up after only a few minutes.

  • Republic of Riders ★★★1/2

Offert on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbos Series X | S et PC.

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