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Rimouski City Hall: Candidates take the stage

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With the federal election now over, the municipal election campaign has begun. Rimouski’s mayoral candidates, Virginie Proulx and Guy Caron, officially launched their campaign Thursday morning.

Outgoing Peak District Council member and former Federal Deputy of NPD They are currently the only candidates in the race to succeed outgoing Mayor Mark Barnett.

Jay Caron was the first to jump into the ring. At a press conference, he said he wanted Strongly addressing the housing shortage in Rimouski. He believes that it is an illusion to think of the ability to achieve economic development if citizens do not, in principle, have a place to live.

Mayor candidate Guy Caron will campaign under the slogan “United for Rimouski”.

Photo: Radio Canada / Francois Gagnon

According to the latest data from the Mortgage and Housing Corporation of Canada (CMHC), Rimouski has a vacancy rate of 0.9%. This is the lowest rate over the past 11 years.

To correct this, Jay Karon suggests a review in the depth The urban planner of Rimouski, in order to promote densification, which is essential for the survival of local businesses, he believes.

He also hopes to see the light of the project to convert part of the Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary into social housing. However, the project was put on hold last March due to lack of funding.

Became the first mayor of Rimouski

For its part, Virginie Prolux chose to launch her campaign under the slogan of the environment.

who says Well-equipped to aspire to the title of first mayor of Rimouski In particular, it would like to establish an environmental commission, protect more green spaces and improve the sorting of residual materials in order to promote a circular economy.

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