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Rogers Communications: The Rogers Group of Funds invests $7.5 million to support Canadian content authors and creators in the search for copyright

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The company is committed to promoting Canadian content that reflects the country’s diversity

Canadian audiences will have access to over 60 original shows on major networks and regional broadcasters

Toronto (September 23, 2021) Building on its past support for Canadian content and authors, the Rogers Group of Funds today announced $7.5 million in grants and investments to support more than 60 original projects, through “through the Rogers Cable Network Fund and the Rogers Documentary Fund.” Showcasing truly unique stories and diverse voices from across the country, the majority of selected projects are produced by stock-seeking creators and will be widely accessible to audiences across major Canadian networks.

“Now more than ever, it is critical to invest in Canadian writers as diverse as those who inspire us with thought-provoking content or those who deliver compelling entertainment programming,” said Robin Mirsky, managing director of Rogers Group of Money. Independent production is thriving in our country, and the Rogers Group of Funds is committed to providing funding and support to creators from the equity-seeking communities so that we can truly ensure that Canada’s rich diversity and unique stories are told. ”

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting Canadian content, Rogers is proud to allocate a percentage of its total revenue to the Rogers Documentary Fund and Rogers Cable Network Fund to support the creation of unique coast-to-coast programming, with presentation from selected projects on major networks and regional broadcasters. Through a wide range of platforms and providers, including world-class technologies such as Ignite TVMC Rogers and regular cable or streaming services, it hasn’t been easy for Canadians to discover the engaging stories here that truly reflect who we are.

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The Rogers Cable Network Fund invests in shows that are aired for the first time on a Canadian cable channel. This year’s 13 received products, which range from exciting to fun to suspenseful, provide hours of TV must-see. The selected shows will present viewers with a wide range of topics, from documentaries to Black Lives: A Canadian History to me Abroad, a series on the immigrant experience in Canada, is available in English and Tagalog. The deadline for this year’s Rogers Cable Network Fund is October 13.

The Rogers Documentary Fund is the primary source of funding for documentary films in Canada. This year, it supported 49 new documentary productions across the country, including 15 French-language documentaries. Important and influential programs that have received funding include Cleansingwhich exposes the historical discrimination experienced by members of the LGBT community in the military and public service in Canada; And rice is life, which focuses on the importance of rice to traditional indigenous communities on the West Coast.

In order to further support authors seeking fairness, as we did recently announcedThe Rogers Group of Funds has partnered with the Black Screen Bureau and the Canadian Independent Screen Fund for African-Americans and Ethnic Creators to create $750,000 new for black and racial creators.

To learn more about the Rogers chest collection, visit (only English).

About the Rogers Box Collection
Since 1980, the Rogers Group of Funds has financed Canadian independent films and producers in excess of $635 million through various types of funding. Rogers Telefonds offers loans to independent Canadian producers. The Rogers Documentary Fund is the number one source of funding for documentaries. The Rogers Cable Network Fund invests in Canadian television programming for the first time on a Canadian cable channel. Three different types of financing. Three different backgrounds. One source: Rogers.

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