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Rimouski mobilizes to sponsor newcomers

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It is not only the leading organization that has to work in a host city, but all the authorities on it, because there are adjustments to be made everywhereCaroline Holly, General Manager of Reception and Integration Bas Saint Laurent (AIBSL) appreciates.

It was the city’s first business plan More focused on the services to be provided, to respond to the most urgent cases. Ms. Holly explains that the new plan, which will be rolled out over the next three years, focuses on the success of all aspects of the integration of newcomers.

Mary Jane Aetna Ituno, who arrived in Rimouski last summer, came to learn to ski on Sundays at Parc Beauséjour.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

Thus many initiatives are planned in consultation with local stakeholders, be it companies, education system or local associations.

In its Immigration Action Plan 2022-2025, the city plans to work with the Table de concertation en Immigration de Rimouski-Neigette to work in areas of greatest need, such as finding daycare or housing for newcomers.

Last fall, UQAR was experiencing a housing shortage for its foreign students. Cégep had a few free rooms and responded by loaning the rooms to UQAR. This is an example. If there is no counseling table, UQAR and CEGEP may not consider communicating with each other. says Jocelyn Pelletier, spokeswoman for the Table de concertation en Immigration de Rimouski-Neigette.

Jocelyn Pelletier.

Jocelyn Pelletier, spokeswoman for the Rimouski-Nygit Immigration Roundtable

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

Another guiding principle is to help companies welcome and integrate foreign workers. Welcome and Bas-Saint-Laurent integration It will, in particular, provide awareness and mediation training with employers, to Understand different cultures and how to deal with them in the work environment indicates Caroline’s bulge. There are things going on at this level, and it’s really new and important in the Rimouski that we’re developing.

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There are several measures that allow the retention of newcomers, which resulted from this wonderful work of consulting, which the General Manager ofWelcome and Bas-Saint-Laurent integration. I find it interesting to see all these different bodies involved in this project, because simply going through the process shows an interest and commitment to making a difference and changing the environment. I find it wonderful.

Nzizi Mbenge, newcomer to Rimouski, and his son in his arms.

“There are things we don’t know,” explains Nzizi Mbenge, a participant in an activity organized by the International Association for Vocational Education and Training (AIBSL): skating, skating, is not done in Africa.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

Between March 2020 and March 2021, Accueil et Integration Bas-Saint-Laurent supported more than a hundred immigrants to settle in the region.

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