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Liberals Dominic Englade proposes a jaw unit

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MONTREAL – In order to “stop playing the yo-yo” and give more predictability to sectors of the economy, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) is proposing to create a unit with a mandate to anticipate the coming of the next wave of COVID-19.

Dans l’optique d’apprendre à vivre avec le virus et d’éviter de tout refermer, la cheffe libérale Dominique Anglade souhaite la création d’une escouade nommée «COVIE-19» qui ferait le lien avecérent com la rest les au the culture.

This would aim to coordinate reopening efforts. It will also set out guidelines that will allow the activities of the various companies to be maintained in the event of a new wave, Ms Englade explained at a news conference on Sunday.

“To determine in advance how we will react in case of new variables. Don’t wait until the last minute on December 30 to announce on December 31 what will happen. The government plays yo-yo, waits until the last minute, shuts down everything and starts over. People are amazed. (…) We can no longer continue to operate in this way.”

“When speaking to business, the key word is predictability. (…) Restaurants want to have a date, a deadline” to ensure the continuity of their business, argued alongside Rep. Mark Tangway, economics spokesman for the official opposition.

Ms. Engled would like this unit to be established “as soon as possible”. It will be preserved “as long as it is necessary to override the rest of things”.

PLQ wants this predictability also shaped into its sector-by-sector decoupling plans. The training also provides long-term supply plans for protective equipment, screening tests, vaccines, medicines and ventilation equipment.

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Another recommendation to strengthen the scientific component and better anticipate, the Liberals want to create an independent scientific committee chaired by the chief scientist of Quebec.

The party also reiterates its request to see public health and elected politicians hold separate press briefings.

Ms. Engaldi is calling for more transparency and hearing from the Legault government. The leader of the official opposition had called at the beginning of the month for an emergency special session in the National Assembly to discuss the management of the epidemic, which was rejected by François Legault.

The Prime Minister resumed his weekly meetings for two weeks with the leaders of the opposition parties. Ms. Engled, however, decided not to participate in them last Friday, arguing that these meetings were being “exploited” by Mr Legault.

Pressure is mounting on the CAQ government to embrace relief in the context in which the COVID-19 hospitalization peak appears to have been reached.

Parti Québécois also lobbied Public Health last Friday to develop the disengagement plan. PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon said many sectors are experiencing unpredictability and confusion about health measures.


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